Russian Customer Tested 3FM1600 Film Blown Machine Successfully
Category: Customer Visit
Date : 2019/11/27

May 23,2018, our customer from Efes Beverage Group in Russia came to test and accept the 3FM1600 ABA three- layer co-extrusion film blown machine successfully . The customers are very satisfied with the quality of our machine .

Efes Beverage Group is one of the Top 3 beer manufactuer in Russia . They will produce shrink film used in packaging beer. With ABA three -layer co-extrusion die , the film has better tensile properties .The quality of three -layer film is better than single layer film .And it can add different filler flexibility.

This film blown machine has automatic feeder, hydraulic change screen,rotary die ,electric bubble station system ,correction system , recycled device and double station winder .

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