The plastic blown film line can be used to deal with various materials like LDPE, LLDPE, EVA, mixture of LDPE and LLDPE. It is a popular selection of plastic film extrusion blow molding machine for production of greenhouse plastic film.

Main Components 

1. Material feeding machine
2. Plastic film extruder (plastification)
3. Mold (shape forming)
4. Traction rack (cooling and shape-forming)
5. Traction machine
6. Coiling machine

Feature of the film blown machine:

1. The extrusion equipment comes with mixing screw and mixing head, powerful conveying lining, and DC motor (or frequency conversion motor).
2. The cooling system comes with a low wind pressure and large air flow volume fan.
3. A stable and reliable traction system and a subdivision device are available.
4. An inner cooling device is optional for the blown film machine.


Main Technical Parameters:

Main motor (kW)250280×2315×3
Mold diameter (mm)Ф 1400Ф 2000Ф 2600
Extruding capacity (kg/h)500700×21000×3
Traction speed (m/min)202020
Traction height (mm)17000/190002400030000
Length of guide roller (mm)280045005500
Max. film width (mm)100001600020000

Greenhouse Film Blowing Machine


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Greenhouse Film Blowing Machine


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