UHMWPE profile using 3-12 million molecular weight UHMWPE materials  , has the characteristics of excellent resistance to wear, self-lubrication, low temperature resistance, impact resistance, non-adhesion, corrosion resistance, low water absorption rate and non-toxic health, etc. Can be used to extruder and mold various kinds of products, such as derailment, liner, and so on. Also can be widely used in machinery, food processing, textile, medical, electronics and package transportation and other fields, with low energy consumption, low noise, high productivity, which has obvious social and economic benefits.

 By extrusion molding and secondary processing into various shapes of products, widely used in the spare parts and machinery and equipment of wear-resisting, movement and lubrication of all kinds of elevator and escalator, packaging industry and irrigation, overlapping type elevator, automatic warehousing fluid lubrication, corrosion resistant parts.

 Application of UHMWPE Profiles :

Mining industry: artificial tank lining, sluice board, chain plate, vibrating screen board, conveyor plate, mining car liner.

General industry: various axle sleeve, gear, bushing, sliding plate, impeller and so on.

Vehicle manufacturing and transportation industry: dump truck, self - discharging liner, train - resistant parts, etc.

Papermaking industry: vacuum suction tank panel and scraping board, pressing parts, joints, mechanical seal shaft, blade guide, scraper, filter, etc.

Textile industry: all kinds of leather knots, coils, shuttles, gears, coupling, sweep rod, buffer block, shaft sleeve, swing back beam and other anti-impact wear parts.

Food light industry: panel, chopping board, working panel, CAM, gear, etc.

Ceramics: rolling head, filter plate, wheel, etc.

Sports: ski-lined, tracked snow and ice car parts, glider block floor, steel ball assembly parts, various bearing lining, rolling lanes, motor sleigh parts, etc.

Suggesting materials: Celanese GUR4130 , GUR4150  ,DSM UH410UH610




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UHMWPE Profile Extrusion Production Line


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