Features of  UHMWPE rods:

Mechanical properties are better than normal HDPE. It has outstanding impact resistance, stress crack resistance, high temperature creep resistance, low coefficient of friction, self-lubrication, excellent chemical resistance, fatigue resistance, noise resistance, and nuclear radiation resistance.

The temperature used is between 100 and 110 °C. Good cold resistance, can be used at -269 °C. The product with a density of 0.935 g/cm3 and a molecular weight of 2 million has a tensile strength at break of 40 MPa, an elongation at break of 350%, a flexural modulus of elasticity of 600 MPa, and a cantilever beam impact impulse. Wear amount (MPC method) 20mm.


Applications of  UHMWPE rods:

1.Can replace carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze and other materials used in textile, paper, food machinery, transportation, medical, coal, chemical and other departments. Such as the textile industry, technical shuttles, shuttles, gears, couplings, flower sweeping rods, buffer blocks, eccentric masses, rod bushings, oscillating consequences and other impact wear parts. Paper-making industry to make the sealing shaft, deflector wheel, scraper, filter, etc. of the box cover, wiper board, compaction parts, joints, transmission machinery, etc.; hoppers, silos, chutes for powder material in the transportation industry Lining.

 2.Can produce a variety of mechanical parts, including food machinery gears, worm gear, worm, bearings. In the chemical industry, pumps, valves, baffles, and filter plates are used. Medically, it can also be used for heart valves, short surgical parts, artificial joints and birth control implants. Sports skating floors, earth roads, snowboards, and motorized ski parts.


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