Packaging Film Blown Machine

This film blown machine is used to produce single layer or multilayers packaging film by HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE EVA,e ct. It's mainly composed by energy efficient extruders,co-extrusion die, take-up unit,a utomatic double station winding machine, electric control system, ect .

Main Technical parameters:

Model Unit SJ-45/55/45-1600 SJ-55/65/55-1800 SJ-65/75/65-2200 SJ-75/80/75-2800
Film thickness mm 0.01-0.12
Max film width mm 1200 1600 2000 2600
Max output kg/h 200 300 350 480
Die diameter mm  Φ250  Φ350  Φ450  Φ600
Motor power kw 18.5/30/18.5 30/37/30 37/55/37 55/75/55
Winder Automatic back to back surface friction winder
Demension mm 8500x6500x8500 9500x6800x9500 11000x7000x9500 11000x7500x11500

Equipment advantages:

1. The effciency is obvious by adopting frequency conversion control.

2. The electrical parts are all made of international famous parts. The maintenance is convenient.


Three-layer co-extrusion rotary die


Automatic double station winding machine


Electrical control cabinet

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